Andrew Manning

Andrew Manning BA LLB (Hons) MARN: 1570707


Andrew Manning is a director of Manning Lawyers and is a fully qualified Australian lawyer and registered migration agent. He has experience in a number of fields including visa structuring, providing migration legal advice, drafting contracts and reviewing legislation.



Going Beyond

Do you believe that everyone’s circumstances are different? Legal advice needs to be more than an unwieldly collection of facts and figures; it must be timely, customised and applicable to a client’s pressing legal issues. Personalised advice is helpful advice.

In the field of migration law, every visa application, every appeal and each piece of legal advice must be a customised solution to get the desired result. As such, my practice is based on three principles : advocacy, engagement and change.


Committed advocacy on behalf of each and every client is the foundation. This requires effective communication, consistent availability and professional determination.


My role is provide an interface between key decision makers and the client’s desired outcomes. This is achieved through committed engagement to my client, their individual circumstances and the desired result.


The ultimate goal is a positive change in the client’s favour. From visa structuring, reversing visa cancellations or providing useful and applicable legal advice, change in the right direction and at the right price is the overriding aim.

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