Contractual Disputes

Contractual Disputes

Are you in a contractual dispute?

When you are in a dispute regarding the purchase of goods or services provided by a person or a company there are legislative requirements regarding the contracts and the obligations of the person or company who provided the goods or services.

Many disputes can be dealt with through the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT). This is a cost-effective way of having your dispute resolved without legal costs being payable by you if you are not successful in proving your case.

Larger contractual disputes or claims of damages, whether made by you or against you by another party, will require specialist legal advice if the matter is in the courts (Local, District or Supreme Courts). Brendan Manning has a Master in Commercial Law, and is able to advise you regarding the strengths of your case and whether you require the engagement of a barrister to assist you with your matter.

Manning Lawyers has mutual relationships with specialist commercial lawyers if you require the drafting of legal documents such as: leases, Joint Venture Agreements, Contracts of Employment, Agency Agreements and Franchise Agreements.

Have you been served with a court document?

If you are served with any court document regarding a civil dispute you usually have 28 days to file a defence. If you do not file a defence default judgment can be entered and you can be placed into bankruptcy, have your wages garnished or have your personal property sold. Brendan mediates settlements with regard to contractual and commercial disputes to avoid costly litigation and loss.

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