• “Dear Brendan, thank you for all you both have done in getting [my daughter] and I home.  You have helped change the course of our lives and our destiny and for that I will be forever grateful.”

    This testimonial was given by a client seeking to relocate with her child from Australia to South Africa.  We successfully obtained consent orders after lengthy negotiations and some appearances in Court.  We resolved both her property and parenting proceedings and our client was able to relocate successfully. 

  • “…Thank you for your professionalism and help over the months.  I’m beyond grateful and more than appreciative to both you and Brendan for your expertise.”

    This was a lengthy parenting and property proceeding.  The client was successful in obtaining an interim order to relocate with the children interstate.  Thereafter Parenting and Property Orders were made by Consent.  

  • “Dear Brendan, thank you for everything you have done for [my daughter], [my son] and I.  For believing me and giving me the strength to fight for what is right for [my children].  Now we can live a safe and happy life.  Thank you Team Manning.”

    Our client was the victim of domestic violence throughout the relationship.  The other party sought to further intimidate our client through the filing of parenting proceedings.  The other party’s case was dismissed and our client obtained a costs order against the other party.  No application can be filed again by the other party without permission of the Court.

  • “Wohoo! Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter.  It was very much a “opening a can of worms” process but something I had to give a go…”

    This client sought our advice after commencing proceedings to change the surname of the child without legal assistance.  Had our client attended upon us prior to filing we would have been able to advise that this was not going to be effective. In any event, we were able to successfully obtain Parenting Orders for the client that the parties previously did not have in place.

  • “Thank you for all your help along this journey.  One chapter has closed and a new one is opening up…. Here’s to happier times ahead!”

    We were able to achieve a division of property and child support after a short negotiation process for this client.  We drafted the Consent Orders and a Binding Child Support Agreement.

  • “Thank you.  I hope you don’t mind, but I have passed on your contact details to a friend of mine.  I have let her know how impressed I have been with your service.”

    After receiving advice on the simplicity of finalising a property division this client was able to successfully divide the matrimonial property through mediation with us and we prepared the Consent Orders.

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