The Challenge

The moden migration market is dynamic. Caught up among the constantly changing regulations, requirements and procedures are people’s future lives in Australia. While many people dream of working and living in Australia, unfortunately only a relatively small number ever achieve it. In an environment where a small mistake in your visa application can lead to rejection and a bar on future applications, the need for professional advice has never been greater.

A visa application is much more than just filling out a form and submitting a few documents. Did you know that :

• Under section 48 of the Migration Act, if your visa application is rejected, you can be barred from applying for most types of visas, including temporary working visas (like a 457).

• If you pay the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s visa application fees and your application is unsuccessful, you will not receive a refund except in very limited circumstances. Even if the application is rejected over a minor technicality, you will probably still lose the entire amount which can total several thousand dollars.

• The entire skilled migration programme is being reformed and the application requirements could change significantly?

The Solution

Timely professional advice could make all the difference to the success or failure of your application. Don’t take the chance that your dream of a future in Australia could be lost because of a technicality! Contact us so that we can help you take the first step of this process.

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