Wills & Powers of Attorney

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Do you possess a properly executed will and power of attorney?

Many people do not have a will. Brendan Manning can draft cost-effective wills and powers of attorney that will carry out your wishes upon your death or incapacity. If you die without a will, your estate is distributed in accordance with the Succession Act 2006 NSW. Your estate may be divided contrary to your wishes, and leave people out that would otherwise be included. Brendan can draft your will, so any attempt to set it aside will be difficult, as it will be drafted in accordance with the law.

A power of attorney allows you to appoint a trusted person to act on your behalf if you are incapacitated by accident or sickness, to carry on your day-to-day affairs (in such areas as banking, insurance, superannuation). If you do not have a power of attorney your family members may need to make an application to the Guardianship Board to be appointed as your financial manager. This process can take many months and puts undue stress and burden on your family that could have been avoided by having a simple power of attorney. You can have a power of attorney that is limited if you are travelling overseas and you need someone to act on your behalf whilst you are away.

Brendan Manning can draft your will and power of attorney for a reasonable price.

Are you a trustee or executor of an estate?

If you are appointed as a trustee or executor of an estate and need assistance with managing the will and the distribution of the assets, or a claim has been made under the Succession Act 2006 NSW by someone who has been left out of the will, we can assist you in these matters.

Have you been left out of a will?

If you have been left out of a will, you may be eligible under the Succession Act 2006 NSW to be awarded a part of the estate. You have 18 months to make a claim against the estate.

If you have any concerns regarding a will please call and we can advise you as to your rights and entitlements.

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